Picasso Hydro Float

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New highly technical float, with a flat design to improve hydrodynamic and reinforced with an external bladder of high resistance anti-cut PVC perfect for Abalone Diving!

Stainless Steel D-Ring for pulling cable especially located underneath and backed, to avoid the sinking of the float when pulled, making it slide much better on the surface, especially on windy days.

Internal waterproof pocket with double Velcro on top ( totally prevents entering water inside ) , to carry small objects like the car key or the spearfishing license, without the risk of losing them.

Quick elastic straps on both sides, to carry several guns and easily change them in the water.

Elastic mesh on top, to quickly reach many useful items, like food or water.

A total of 7 D-Rings ( 5 stainless steel + 2 plastic ) on the bottom, to fix fish-holders, mesh bags and other accessories.

Dive flag pole with 50 Cm high, for a total visibility in the water, even from very far distances.

Dimensions: 80 Cm x 30 Cm