C4 Mustang 3 VGR

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Extremely fast, thrilling as no one other in the carbon fiber fin category the MUSTANG 3 embodies the best of what fins can offer the most discerning breath hold diver in terms of performance, efficacy and speed. An essential but very personal design characterizes the MUSTANG 3 as the fruit of years of studies and research as it relates to fin biomechanics.

The advanced designed Left and Right asymmetrical concept at the base of this model makes the real difference. The norm for C4 is using state of the art advanced composite materials just for the resulting high performance.

The best use of energy results in the conception of the MUSTANG 3. By applying the force of the blade from under the metatarsus the most natural force point in the arch of the foot is used. More force applied naturally through the comfortable transition of muscle energy to the foot through the ergonomic designs results in the most efficient use of the diver's energy. Energy produced by our muscles is very efficiently transferred through the fin constructed from 100% carbon fiber Mega force T700 blade to the anatomical and adjustable foot-pockets available in 5 different sizes.

Thanks to the anatomical Mustang foot pockets the energy wasted between foot and foot pockets during the transition of energy is the lowest of any freediving fin design. Efficiency has to be looked for if you wish the best and anatomical foot pockets are the best solution to reach it.

• More than twenty years of studies, records and experience result in the MUSTANG 3 blades' flexion with the double parabolic curvature system. The D.P.C. (Double Parabolic Curve) is reached by a wise lamination of carbon layers opportunely measured and placed.

• The curve D.P.C. optimises blades' flexion and water amounts worked time by time according to the water rails V.G.R. (Variable Geometry Rails) depending upon the availability of power produced by the match of our muscles with articulations.

• Also the ending flap improves the detachment of fluid stripes from the blade reducing damaging whirlpools just in the sections of highest fluid speed. Its special shape avoid easier contacts with sea floor. Blades with flap and therefore without edges, have a less encumber and a less impact on the sea floor during upset movements required by spearfishing actions.

The elements are perfectly integrated into the essential design of the MUSTANG 3 where everything speaks performance. The fins produce push accelerating water from the foot to the top of the blade.

• The VGR water rails, with progressive hydrodynamic shape, patented by C4, allow the fins to work the right amount of water section by section. Water' speed on the blade changes section by section, so requiring progressively changing containment volumes. This is exactly what the exclusive and patented VGRs do.

• The blade tip's end "flap" improves the flow of water vortices from the blade reducing damaging whirlpools in the sections of highest fluid speed. Its special shape helps reduce the direct contact with the bottom because the blade has to touch at an angle each time. Blades with a flap don't have a flat edge so they're less cumbersome and result in less impact on the sea floor during abrupt unexpected contact with the bottom typical of spearfishing situations.

• MUSTANG 3s have intentionally symmetric blades for their mechanical and hydrodynamic efficiency of this design without the energy dispersion and the major mechanical stress of flex-torsion typical of normal ambidextrous fins. Less mechanical stress on the fins ensures a longer product life.

• Asymmetrical designed Mustang foot pockets.

• The use of select carbon fiber Megaforce T700 cloth offers 40% higher textile strength than standard T300 which makes MUSTANG 3's more reliable.

• MUSTANG 3 blades are connected to the foot pockets through a special two screw junction, for a better mechanical seal and energy transmission. If necessary for traveling the MUSTANG 3 fins can be easily disassembled reducing bulk and making them more easy to travel with.

• Available in three levels of stiffness 25 Soft, 30 Medium, 40 Hard.

25 Soft is recommended for divers under 175lbs or surface swimming where a dynamic performance is the aim over sudden movements and overcoming negative buoyancy during rapid movements like spearfishing action.

30 Medium is ideal for Freedivers weighing between 175-200lbs that require a balanced stiffness to compliment their body weight and a mix of shallow, mid-depth, deeper diving to 30 meters (100’).

40 Stiffer blades are still softer than the typical Mfg’s stiffest blade and are typically well suited to divers weighing over 200lbs. The ideal application of a stiff blade for divers under the 200lb+ weight level is typically for deep spearfishing past 30 meters. In this environment a fast accelerating fin that generates sudden thrust is preferred to overcome additional negative buoyancy, current, and sudden changes in depth and variable conditions encountered in challenging spearfishing conditions.

• Available in size 39-40 6-7US, 41-42 7-8US, 43-44 9-10US, 45-46 11-12US, 47-48 13-14US