Bleutec Simple Carbon Speargun

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This is a top of the line Speargun made by Bleutec.  It is made of Carbon fiber with monoblock body - handle and open type muzzle. Excellent combination of efficiency and economy.

The 75 is the Ferrari of Norcal guns and the 80 is perfect for Carmel and Big Sur Waters. Larger sizes available upon request: 75cm-80cm-90cm-100cm-110cm

*90cm-110cm not kept in stock, order times may vary* Please call or email for availability*

The key features of the gun include:

* Body with 30mm diameter for perfect movement in horizontal and vertical axis in combination with increased stiffness.

* Trigger Mechanism Bleu tec Lycan (housing stainless steel 316 aisi, trigger & sear made of stainless steel 304 aisi).

* Full railed body.

* Mechanical line release system with automatic retraction.

* Equipped with anatomically shaped handle and right handed shooting type grip.

* Supplied with one 17.5mm band Bleu Power, shaft Bleu tec 6.75 mm with shark fins made from heat treated steel.