Pathos Open Pro

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The Pathos Open Pro is equipped with the D'Angelo 1 Handle which provides hunters an instinctual or point shooting platform and is accompanied by an optimum grip.  The handle is composed of the highest quality nylon and fiberglass materials.  
Pathos Open Pro comes standard with a shaft composed from 6.75mm Sandvik with shark fins and two 16 mm bands and dyneema wishbones that make the shot searing, powerful and deadly even at long distances. It comes with a standard open muzzle.  The barrel is specially treated which stiffens and makes it rough to the touch, like a shark skin, to decrease turbulence and facilitate ease of movement.  Available sizes: 60cm / 75cm / 82cm / 90cm / 100cm/ 110cm / 120cm / 130cm.
The Pathos spearguns have developed a reputation as being accurate, easy to customize, reliable and durable.  Developed in Greece by world class divers, Pathos spearguns will not disappoint.
Can be fitted with a Pathos Reel or Spear Pro Reel.