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Thanks for your interest in the Subcraft custom wetsuit. We're really proud of this option because every diver should know how amazing it feels to be in a custom wetsuit as there are 25 different measurements and the fit is truly one of a kind.


There are a number of steps outlined below to get started and complete your order and if you have any questions along the way, feel free to reach out =)

  1. Use the attached form to fill out your measurements and options [best to have someone measuring you like in the video link below]
  2. Select the material you'd like your wetsuit to be made out of
    • Bulletproof - this is the most popular material for customs in California so far. It is a combination material that has a base layer of your traditional wetsuit of outer jersey material (most common outer layer you see on most wetsuits) and a top layer of smoothskin material. Big benefits here are the added warmth of the smoothskin layer that acts as a "wind stopper" on those cold windy days and if your smoothskin layer wears away, you are left with jersey material underneath. Added benefits of being hydrodynamic underwater with less drag by having the smoothskin material. Available in 5mm and 7mm
    • Jersey - this is the outer material you usually see in stores. It has a cloth like feel to it when it is dry. Available in 3mm, 5mm, 7mm and 8mm
    • Pure Smoothskin - this is for the purist and for pure freediving only. The most comfortable and flexible of all of our suits it offers you the best experience but will tear if you are not gentle with it or scrape it on the rocks. Not recommended for anything but competitions. Available in 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm
  3. Select the thickness
    • For Northern California, we recommend 7mm Bulletproofor a 7mm Jersey.
    • For Central California and most of Southern California we still recommend the 7mm Bulletproofor 7mm Jersey. If you run warm or do a lot of offshore or island diving for yellowtail in ripping current the 5mm Bulletproof will better suit your needs.
    • For Summer Southern California Waters a 5mm Jersey is what we recommend.
    • For most Hawaii waters a 3mm Jersey is what we recommend with an occasional 5mm top depending on the water temperatures.
  4. Select knee/elbow/chest pad  options
    • If this suit is for spearfishing, we recommend you select "yes" for all pads (knee/elbow/chest)
  5. Select pissette option
    • A pissette is a sewn in portion in the crotch section of the wetsuit to allow for your piss (for lack of a better term) to escape your wetsuit (no more smelly wetsuits after dives!) Why is this important you ask other than the after dive photo sessions? When you pee in your suit it is warm at first but eventually it will cool to the temperature of the water around you which will hurt you in cold water. Once this happens and if it happens to hit your core it is extremely hard to stay warm. This option has been popular with our Northern California divers who have long days on the water and want to maximize their bottom times.
  6. Select the design of your suit

Again, please feel free to contact us for any questions regarding your order and check out our FAQs below - see you on the water!




Here are a few FAQs that some of our customers have already asked


How much does the custom suit cost?

Pricing will be determined once we get the full custom order from you but can range from $350 to $550. The most standard 7mm custom suit is approximately $350 for your first order and will be approximately $30 cheaper for each subsequent order (they make a custom cutting scheme based on your measurements).

 How long does it take for me to get my custom wetsuit?

After getting your completed order form with all the options set in stone and payment, it will take approximately 3-4 weeks for the suit to be made by our partners overseas, 3-4 weeks to arrive in the US and pass through US customs, and then 4 days to arrive at your doorstep. In total, about 6-8 weeks - it's worth the wait =)


Isn't smoothskin really fragile? Why would I get that if I dive in Northern California (rocky bottoms and shore diving)?

Yes, smoothskin alone is a fragile material that you don't want to drag over reefs or rocky structures/bottoms. But when you select our Bulletproof material, you're getting the best of both worlds - the warmth, comfort, and ease of motion in the water of a smoothskin and the durability of a jersey wetsuit. 


What if my suit does not fit correctly?

It is very important to follow the video and to measure more than one time to make sure the measurement is correct.  If the suit does not fit correctly we will double check the measurements first and if they are correct we will make sure the suit measurements are correct.  We warranty all work and making sure our customer satisfaction comes above anything else.

VIDEO: How to take wetsuit measurements

Download the measuring form here - fill in the boxes, save, and send back.