C4 Martin Stepanek Signature Fins

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This project was the result of the exceptional experience of Martin Stepanek, one of the greatest competitive freedivers of all times, combined with the 30 years of experience of the C4 carbon fiber fin Co. of Marco Bonfanti.  Stepanek's signature fin features TR50-Hypertech Big Square, an even more responsive carbon fiber material compared to the already highly proven T700 adopted previously by C4. After a year of long testing, Martin carefully developed a fin with C4 that fit his needs and catered to the most important needs of freedivers and spearfishers from his experience in American waters. 

25 Soft is recommended for divers under 175lbs or surface swimming where a dynamic performance is the aim over sudden movements and overcoming negative buoyancy during rapid movements like spearfishing action.

30 Medium is ideal for Freedivers weighing between 175-200lbs that require a balanced stiffness to compliment their body weight and a mix of shallow, mid-depth, deeper diving to 30 meters (100’).

40 Stiffer blades are still softer than the typical Mfg’s stiffest blade and are typically well suited to divers weighing over 200lbs. The ideal application of a stiff blade for divers under the 200lb+ weight level is typically for deep spearfishing past 30 meters. In this environment a fast accelerating fin that generates sudden thrust is preferred to overcome additional negative buoyancy, current, and sudden changes in depth and variable conditions encountered in challenging spearfishing conditions.

Full 2 year warranty

  • NEW Industry unique TR50 Carbon fiber construction.

  • 780mm Length (30.7”)

  • 190mm Width (7.5”)

  • 10mm Water Rail height

  • 22 Degree Angle

  • These blades have been designed to be paired with a Pathos pocket to make it even more responsive.

    Available in Pathos sizes: 36-38, 38-40, 40-42, 42-44, 44-46, 46-48, 48-50.