Maverick American Toggler Slip Tip

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This tip was first conceived in a CNC machine shop in Virginia in 2006 and is a reiteration of an original Steve Alexander design.  It has been refined over the past 9 years and Maverick America is proud to have a Slip Tip they can stand behind to make sure you land your fish of a lifetime.

It is well constructed, 17-4Ph heat treated to H900 hardness steel. Each adapter is mated to the tip itself to ensure a proper connection and release of the tip.

The shape of the male connection has the principal feature of the "Toggling Effect" of the upper part of the tip and then the transversal re-positioning of the tip once it penetrates the fish.

5/16 x 24 threads with a slide ring for 5/16 shafts. 


Features and Options:

  • 4.5" tip
  • 900 lbs Spectra
  • 49 Strand Stainless Steel Cable with dropper ball construction
  • "O" Stainless Steel Slide Ring with dyneema tracer to easily remove the engaged tip from inside a fish
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY (excludes cable)