NHT Belt Bags

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The NHT Belt Bag is a legendary bag in the Socal diving community.  Tired of swimming back to your yak to drop off your Abalone and Scallops?  The NHT belt bag is the perfect solution.  This efficient, low profile bag provides secure storage for lobster and other sea creatures, yet while empty has virtually no drag in the water.  A simplistic and effective design, coupled with versatility make it a necessary item for divers of all levels.

Safety Notice!!!

The NHT Belt Bag may cause entanglement on your weight belt should a diver need to drop their weight belt.  For this reason the belt is fitted with a quick-release snap (buckle).  Be sure you are aware of the location of this snap at all times and also be sure your weight belt buckle contains no parts that may catch on the NHT Belt Bag.