Pathos Laser Open Pro

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Pathos Laser Open Pro is accompanied with the D'angelo 2 handle.  A revolutionary, ergonomic or universal grip made of nylon and fiberglass. Its shape makes the grip is safe and very accurate.  The mechanism and the trigger are made completely of stainless steel. The Pathos spearguns have developed a reputation as being accurate, easy to customize, reliable and durable.  Developed in Greece by world class divers, Pathos spearguns will not disappoint.
1. Ergonomic left/right and universal handle D'Angelo II low profile with stainless steel reverse trigger mechanism that adds extra 7cm of arming length.
2. Removable rubber loading butt.
3. Reel base.
4. Fully anodized aluminium barrel 1.25±0.05mm thick with a shaft guide and a sharkskin surface for reduction of turbulent vortices.
5. Open muzzle.
6. 6.75mm Sandvik shaft with sharkfins, a single flopper, and a tricut point.
7. Two 16mm black over amber bands. (Customized bands setups available)
8. Dyneema wishbones.
Can be fitted with a Pathos Reel or Meandros Reel.
Available sizes: 60cm / 75cm / 82cm / 90cm / 100cm / 110cm. The following lengths available upon request: 120cm / 130cm / 140cm.
NOTE: All Pathos guns now come standard with ergonomic right handles.  If you are a lefty we will switch it out free of charge.  If you would like the universal handle you will need to purchase the small piece and we can switch it out for a fee.  We no longer can choose the handles the guns come with.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.