Pathos Sniper Semi Enclosed Track

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The Pathos Sniper is the ultimate speargun. The oval shape of the barrel makes this speargun very easy to move in the water and very light. The enclosed track makes every shot dependably accurate, smooth, and fast.

  • Aluminum Barrel With Enclosed Track
  • Built-In Floater Kit
  • New D'Angelo 3 Universal Handle
  • New Open Muzzle With Space for Two Bands
  • 6.75mm Shaft With Shark Fins
  • TNT 16mm Bands With Dyneema Wishbones
Can be fitted with a Pathos Reel, Spear Pro or Ermes Reel.
Available sizes: 55cm / 65cm / 75cm / 85cm / 95cm / 105cm/ 115cm / 125cm / 135cm