Picasso Magnum Railgun

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Legendary Picasso offers its Magnum Railgun with the following features:
-28 mm aluminum rail barrel.
-Available with camouflage design in green and brown colors!
-Integral shaft rail for maximum precision!
-Magnum handle with 100% stainless steel inverted mechanism.
-Magnum open muzzle for circular rubbers.
-6.5 mm Stainless Steel shaft ( 6.75 mm on 105 cm and bigger )
-17 mm Blast Circular Rubbers ( 19 mm on 105 cm and bigger )
-Available sizes: 60 cm to 90 cm
Magnum Railgun is available up to 140 cm.  Please call or email to purchase a larger size or different camo not listed below.
If you would like the Magnum Railgun rigged to your specs please send a note with purchase, additional charges may apply.