Polo Sub Lined Open Cell Wetsuits

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The wetsuit allows us to stay for long periods in the water, protecting us from cold even in extreme climatic


Its function is simple: it creates a layer of isolating material, neoprene, between us and the water.

The efficiency of the wetsuit is mostly determined by the perfect adhesion of neoprene to our body

shape. That’s why at Polosub we firmly believe in made to measure wetsuits.

This principle convinced us in 1994 to create a Rome based firm extremely specialized in the production of

made to measure wetsuits for freedivers and spearfishers.

Who more than a freediver needs a perfect outfit capable of prolonging his stay in the water without the use of


A spearfisher today is capable of spending the whole day in the water, even in the coldest months and places

and mos t of all in comfort thanks to a made to measure wetsuits realized with selected materials and modern