Salvimar Voodoo Atlantis

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Salvimar Voodoo Atlantis Speargun Arbalete with aluminium barrel, with continuous rail, Wired Atlantis shaft 7.5mm. The barrel is made in a special aeronautical aluminum alloy of high mechanical performance.
This gun is the answer to an affordable offshore gun capable of taking down big game.  It is a 3 band speargun thhat tracks extremely well. We have personally tested the ease of use in the 135cm model and we were pleasantly surprised at how well it handled offshore in the current of the Cortes Banks.
The trigger run can be micro mechanically adjusted by the proper screw (Sensitive). The open muzzle allows the storage of several pairs of rubbers while the special prole avoid their crossing. Features: - Safety Catch - Ergonomic Prole - Predisposition Reel - Steel Mechanism - Continuous Rail - Optimized Power - Sternal Support -
Exclusive high resistance lightened section - Includes 3 bands of 14 mm and 7.5mm spearshaft - Break Away NOT INCLUDED