Shark Shield Freedom7

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Diving, Spearfishing & Kayak Fishing

Used by professionals and navies the world over, the FREEDOM7 is a safety device providing peace of mind to enjoy your free-diving, spearfishing, scuba diving or kayak fishing while supporting the conservation of sharks.

The Freedom of the Ocean

Those who truly love the ocean, respect it for all its beauty and everything it has to offer, both above and below the surface. Now with the Shark Shield FREEDOM7 there’s no need to fear an unwanted encounter with sharks. This Shark Shield device is the only scientifically proven and independently tested electronic shark deterrent system designed to provide you with the peace of mind you’re looking for while enjoying your favourite pastime of free-diving, spear fishing, scuba diving or kayak fishing. With over twenty years of world-class research and independent testing, including the Kwa-Zulu Natal Shark Board in South Africa, the FREEDOM7 is scientifically proven to reduce the risk of an unwanted shark encounter. It is no wonder it has become the safety device chosen by professional divers in the US and Australian Navies and has become mandated equipment in the Australian Professional Abalone Diving Industry.


-Mandated safety equipment in industries such as Abalone Diving, used by the US & Australian Navies
-Designed to reduce the risk of an unwanted shark encounter
-Comfortable, lightweight with an easy to wear neropene velcro pouch
-Lithium rechargeable battery, over 300 charge cycles
-Longlife battery, lasts up to 7 hours
-Depth rated to 50 meters (148 feet)
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